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Collected date 14/09/14

Skipton sign

Skipton was the last station of 2014's holiday, and served to link that week's exploring to the week in West Yorkshire. The front of the station from the car park:

Skipton front

The front of the station seen from the west side:

Skipton frontage, west end

Skipton central portion

The entrance to the station building, on the left of the previous shot:

Skipton entrance

The entrance to the ticket hall:

Skipton ticket hall

The ceiling of the concourse, looking torwards the front of the station building:

Skipton concourse roof

The station building backs onto platform 2. On platform 2, looking east under the canopy:

Skipton platform 2

Platform 2, seen from platform 3 opposite:

Skipton platform 2 seen from
platform 3

At the eastern end of platform 2 is the bay platform 1:

Skipton platform 1

At the western end a subway joins platform 2 to the island platform:

Skipton platform 2 subway

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Skipton looking west

At the other end of the subway it's mostly shiny and white and modern, but the padlocked wooden door tells another story:

Skipton disused subway end

Looking through the door we can see the disused subway beyond:

Skipton disused subway

The entrance to the subway from the island platform:

Skipton platforms 3 and 4
subway entrance

On platform 4, looking east:

Skipton platform 4 looking east

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 4:

Skipton platform 4 looking west

Looking up at the spandrels under the canopy on platform 4:

Skipton spandrels

On platform 4 looking west at the canopy:

Skipton platforms 3 and 4 canopy

There was time to walk up to the road bridge over the line to the station's west, so I did so to get this shot of the station from the bridge:

Skipton looking east from

Also from the bridge, we can see a third exit from the subway on the right and a disused platform:

Skipton disused platform