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Collected date 16/05/10

Bingley sign

We arrived at Bingley having walked there from Crossflatts, the next station up the line. The walk demonstrated just how times had changed in terms of transport as the canal paralleled the road which in turn paralleled the railway for a time. Once we got there the station was eerily quiet.

The front of the station:

Bingley front

The station features this monogram, which we couldn't decipher:

Bingley monogram

The station entrance is higher than the platforms, so we enter the footbridge, with platform 1 opposiite ahead and the steps to platform 2 right and left:

Bingley, in footbridge

Descending onto platform 2, we look south:

Bingley platform 2 looking south

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 2:

Bingley looking south

Looking back along platform 2:

Bingley station

Looking south along the line from the footbridge:

Bingley from footbridge looking

Platform 1:

Bingley platform 1

The rear entrance at Bingley leads to this small forecourt, with the A650 over the wall to the right:

Bingley east front