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Collected date 18/05/10

Honley station sign

Honley station lies between Brockholes and Berry Brow on the Penistone line south of Huddersfield, and like other stations on the now-singled line there are still traces of the infrastructure for a two-track railway.

The approach to the station, along Gynn Lane:

Honley approach

The front of the station building:

Honley frontage

The building dates from Victorian timmes, as one can tell from the VR letterbox:

Honley VR letterbox

The side of the station frontage:

Honley front side

At the south end of the station the line crosses a footpath:

Honley bridge

On the other side of the bridge only wooden beams bridge the gap:

Honley wooden beams

Further evidence of the singling of the tracks on this side, with stone pillars now supporting empty air:

Honley old supports

Back on the operational side of the station, we enter the station building, which is fairly shabby:

Honley in building

This leads to some steps, which were probably once covered, but are no longer:

Honley steps

The last few steps do get a roof, actually:

Honley roof

A strange partition restricts the width of the entrance to the platform. I wonder why?

Honley partition

On the platform, with the way out via the steps on the right:

Honley platform

Looking eastwards along the line from the platform:

Honley looking east

A building on the platform:

Honley building

The view northwards along the line from the platform end:

Honley looking north

The platform opposite is there but disused. This yellow box bears the message "Network Rail. You are entering a legally protected environment site. You need to be briefed by your supervisor before starting work."

Honley disused platform
environmental warning

Approximately opposite the entrance to the working platform are these railings:

Honley disused platform

And where the platforms cross the footpath we saw earlier, they are made of wood:

Honley wooden platform