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Collected date 18/05/10

Brockholes station sign

Brockholes station lies on the single-track Penistone line between Stocksmoor and Honley.

The pedestrian entrance ramp from Ridings Fields, just west of the station:

Brockholes entrance

On the station platform, looking north:

Brockholes platform looking north

Looking south along the platform:

Brockholes platform

At the northern end of the platform is one of the Penistone Line's community rail noticeboards:

Brockholes noticeboard

Opposite the operational platform is a disused platform and the old station building:

Brockholes station building

Detail of the chimneys on the station building:

Brockholes chimneys

Hiding in the shrubbery, some old adverts:

Brockholes adverts

Looking north along the line from the end of the working platform:

Brockholes looking north

The operational platform no longer extends as far southwards as once it did. This is the view southwards of the disused portion of the platform, with the old barrow crossing in the middle distance:

Brockholes looking south