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Collected date 11/09/16

Hattersley sign

Hattersley station is a quiet station serving a housing estate to the east of Manchester. It's on the line to Hadfield and Glossop. The front of the station:

Hattersley front

Looking at the station forecourt from near the station front:

Hattersley forecourt

This engraved stone in the station forecourt marks the "hard work over many years by Cllr Paul Smith and Lord Tom Pendry in securing the railway station for the people of Hattersley:

Hattersley plaque

A view of the forecourt showing the station building side:

Hattersley side

The station building has a small booking counter, closed when we visited:

Hattersley booking hall

Murals in the booking hall proclaim "Hattersley is great" and "Hattersley Communities":

Hattersley murals

The platform is an island between the two lines, reached by this covered footbridge from the station building:

Hattersley inside footbridge

The bridge crosses the line before descending to platform level, as can be seen from this view of the footbridge from the western end of platform 2:

Hattersley footbridge

The footbridge leaves you under the canopy on the platform:

Hattersley under canopy

On platform 1, looking east:

Hattersley platform 1 looking east

Looking east along the platform beyond the end of the canopy:

Hattersley platforms looking east

Much of the platform is fenced off:

Hattersley looking east

Zooming in to look at the very eastern end of platform 2:

Hattersley platform 2 looking east

In the shrubbery to the side is a disused telegraph post:

Hattersley disused telegraph post

Looking west back towards the canopy:

Hattersley platforms looking west

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Hattersley looking west