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Collected date 11/09/16

Hadfield sign

Hadfield is one of the two ends of the line to Glossop, and depending on the time of day trains from Manchester reverse either here or there before continuing to the other. It wasn't always that way, of course; it's the truncated end of old electrified Woodhead route under the Pennines to Sheffield.

The approach to the station from the town to the northwest:

Hadfield approach

Looking along the entrance path to the station:

Hadfield entrance

To the right is the old station building, whose signs proclaim it to be a wine bar. It has a patio on the streetward side:

Hadfield patio

The rear of the station building:

Hadfield rear

The windows are boarded up:

Hadfield rear, showing boarded up windows

On the platform, looking south:

Hadfield platform looking south

The sign proudly proclaims what the station is for:

Hadfield For the Longdendale and Transpennine trails

A milepost lies wonky in the undergrowth:

Hadfield milepost

At the north end of the platform we look to the end of the line:

Hadfield looking north

A wooden canopy on the station building:

Hadfield canopy

The windows in the old station building are decorated with paintings and mosaics:

Hadfield window

This recessed section of old station building has a boarded up doorway and another decorated window:

Hadfield door

A view of the platform face of the old station building:

Hadfield buildng front

At the southern end of the station, looking north along the platform:

Hadfield platform looking north

Looking south along the line from the end of the platform:

Hadfield looking south