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Falls of Cruachan

Collected date 21/08/12

Falls of Cruachan sign

Falls of Cruachan is a small request stop on the Oban branch of the West Highland lines. It's only open in the summer when it's mostly used by hikers. I was hoping to use it to visit the Cruachan hydroelectric power station, but there wasn't another tour due for two hours so I opted for a walk to Loch Awe instead.

On the beautifully kept platform, looking westwards:

Falls of Cruachan platform

Halfway along the platform is a modern shelter:

Falls of Cruachan shelter

At the western end of the platform, looking back east along it:

Falls of Cruachan platform
looking east

From the same point, looking west along the line:

Falls of Cruachan looking west

At the eastern end of the platform, looking down the line and the exit ramp:

Falls of Cruachan exit

The gate leading off the station platform:

Falls of Cruachan gate

On the other side of the gate looking up at the platform:

Falls of Cruachan entrance

This plaque is on the angled stone plinth:

Falls of Cruachan plaque

Halfway down the ramp leading to the road that runs along the side of Loch Awe, there is a footpath leading up Ben Cruachan, under the line:

Falls of Cruachan bridge