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Loch Awe

Collected date 21/08/12

Loch Awe sign

I underestimated the length of the walk from Falls of Cruachan to Loch Awe, so it turned into something of a forced march and I arrived slightly out of breath but with five minutes to spare before the next train.

On the platform looking eastwards:

Loch Awe platform

A longer view of the platform from the disused platform opposite:

Loch Awe platform from

A faded information plaque about the West Highland line:

Loch Awe faded plaque

A plaque marking the station's reopening in 1985:

Loch Awe plaque

At the eastern end of the platform is a modern shelter:

Loch Awe shelter

There are two accesses to the station. The first is via these steps:

Loch Awe steps

The steps lead up to a footbridge which spans the tracks and gives access to the second, now disused, platform and the lochside:

Loch Awe footbridge

From the footbridge, looking east:

Loch Awe looking east from

Looking west from the footbridge. The coach on the left is a self-catering holiday cottage! The path on the right is a ramped route to the road:

Loch Awe from footbridge looking

The steps lead up beyond the footbridge to the Loch Awe Hotel:

Loch Awe hotel

Looking further up the steps at the hotel:

Loch Awe hotel steps