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Collected date 21/08/12

Oban sign

Oban lies at the end of one of the branches of the West Highland Lines, which diverge at Crianlarich. Unfortunately, getting from Fort William to Oban at a sensible time in the morning is a tricky task and half the day had gone by the time I arrived in the glorious midday sunshine.

The old station building was replaced by the current one in 1985, and the original was later destroyed by fire. The front of the modern building:

Oban front

Obscured slightly by the door, two plaques:

Oban plaque 1 Oban plaque 2

The ticket hall inside the boxy building:

Oban ticket hall

The rear of the station building:

Oban rear

Unusually the platforms are fenced off and a large metal gate is only opened shortly before the train arrives. On the other side of the gate, just after it has been opened to let the mob through:

Oban rear, platform side

The buffers at the end of the line:

Oban buffers

The platform numbers at Oban are still from the original station which had two more, so the platform on the north of the line is platform 4:

Oban platform 4

The shelter on platform 3, although since they don't let people wait on the platform it seems a singularly pointless structure:

Oban platform 3 shelter

A small train on the platform:

Oban train

On platform 3, looking east back towards the station building:

Oban platform 3 looking east

Looking west along the platforms at Oban:

Oban platforms looking west