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Collected date 11/09/16

Dinting sign

Dinting sits in a triangle of lines, once a junction with the Woodhead route under the Pennines but now with curves leading to termini at Hadfield and Glossop. In the car park, looking at the front of the station building that faces on to the Hadfield platform:

Dinting front

A view looking north/west along the station building:

Dinting platform 1 building long view

The rear of the station building on platform 1:

Dinting rear

A longer view of platform 1, showing the rather old electrification gantry:

Dinting platform 1

On platform 1 looking east at the canopy:

Dinting platform 1 looking east

Under the canopy:

Dinting platform 1 under canopy

The signalbox sits towards the northern end of platform 1:

Dinting signalbox

The rear of the signalbox:

Dinting signalbox rear

Looking east from the end of platform 1 to the junction with the line from Glossop:

Dinting looking east

Opposite platform 1 is this well-maintained disused building from when this side of the station had two platforms:

Dinting disused building

A way out sign in the shrubbery shows that this side of the station was in use in the days of the BR corporate identity:

Dinting disused exit

At the end of platform 1 it joins platform 2 in the crook of the vee between the two platforms. Looking north between the two curves:

Dinting in vee

Back in the car park between the two platforms, we look at the rear of the station building on platform 2, which still houses a ticket office and waiting room:

Dinting platform 2 building rear

On platform 2, looking at the platform facing side of the building:

Dinting platform 2 looking west

Sadly the information display, like many around here that try to use a mobile phone data connection to get information, was broken:

Dinting platform 2 broken sign

Walking to the far end of platform 2 we look back at the curve:

Dinting platform 2 from east

At the other end, looking at the platform:

Dinting platform 2 looking east

On the fence is this plaque:

Dinting plaque

It tells us about these ceramics on the walls of platform 2:

Ceramic artwork tiles on platform 2

Ceramic artwork tile

Looking west along the line towards Dinting viaduct:

Dinting looking west

In the bushes opposite platform 2 another disused building can be seen:

Dinting disused building opposite platform 2