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Collected date 20/05/10

Dewsbury station sign

Dewsbury, east of Huddersfield was the day's first station that wasn't just a few platforms and shelters - always a welcome change! The back entrance to the station is just to the west of the line, and is through this archway:

Dewsbury platform 1 entrance

The entrance ramp leads to one end of the footbridge, just to the right of these steps down to platform 1, for trains northwards to Leeds:

Dewsbury platform 1 footbridge

The steps give out onto platform 1, seen here looking north:

Dewsbury platform 1 under

Platform 1's wooden canopy:

Dewsbury platform 1 canopy

An old footbridge (admittedly one with lifts at either end) spans the tracks, seen here from platform 2 opposite:

Dewsbury footbridge

The view north from the footbridge:

Dewsbury from footbridge looking

At the other end of the footbridge, looking towards platform 1:

Dewsbury in footbridge

The arched entrance to the footbridge from the concourse on the platform 2 side of the station:

Dewsbury concourse to

Next to the archway, two plaques mark the station's construction and improvement:

Dewsbury plaques

Out of the concourse onto platform 2 we can see the footbridge and the lift to it on the right:

Dewsbury platform 2 exit

A glass waiting area has been constructed just north of the footbridge under the canopy on platform 2:

Dewsbury platform 2 shelter

The view north along the line from the end of platform 2:

Dewsbury looking north

A view of the section of platform 2 just south of the footbridge, from the platform opposite:

Dewsbury platform 2 seen from
platform 1

Under the canopy on platform 2, looking north:

Dewsbury platform 2 under

On the right in the previous shot is the rear entrance to the pub which now occupies the main station building:

Dewsbury pub rear

Platform 2:

Dewsbury platform 2

Close-up of the ironwork supporting the canopy around the footbridge:

Dewsbury platform 2 canopy

A view of both platforms from the south end of platform 2:

Dewsbury platforms

Looking south along the line from platform 2:

Dewsbury looking south

We leave the concourse to see the current entrance to the station:

Dewsbury entrance

Just to the left of the previous shot is the main part of the old station building:

Dewsbury pub

Detail of the monograph in the brickwork of the station building:

Dewsbury pub monograph