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Collected date 20/05/10

Deighton sign

Deighton station is on the line between Huddersfield and Leeds.

The approach to platform 2, on the south side of the station:

Deighton platform 2 approach

The ramp leads down to platform level and turns right to lead out onto the platform:

Deighton platform 2 entrance

Platform 2, seen from platform 1 opposite:

Deighton platform 2 seen from
platform 1

Looking east along platform 2:

Deighton platform 2 looking east

Looking west along the line:

Deighton looking west

At the western end of platform 2 we found something sad: bouquets of flowers and notes tied to the fence. These were in memory of Joanne (Joe) Bingley, who had taken her own life at the station as the result of severe postnatal depression. Her husband has founded the Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation to help women and their families by raising awareness and providing information about postnatal depression.

Deighton platform 2 bouquets Deighton bouquets

The two sides of the station are connected by the road bridge, seen here from the eastern end of platform 2:

Deighton looking east

Looking east along the line from the bridge:

Deighton from bridge looking

Looking west at the station's two platforms from the bridge:

Deighton from bridge looking

On the other side of the bridge, the ramped approach to platform 1:

Deighton platform 1 approach

Platform 1, seen from platform 2:

Deighton platform 1 seen from
platform 2

Platform 1 is not of particularly robust construction and has had to be patched in this rather hopscotch-like fashion:

Deighton platform patches

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Deighton platform 1 looking west