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Burscough Bridge

Collected date 06/07/13

Burscough Bridge sign

Burscough Bridge station is one of two stations in Burscough, the other being Burscough Junction. There's currently no connection between the two lines which cross here, although one is mooted.

The line runs approximately east-west through the station, with the road bridge running north-south just to the east. The approach to the station:

Burscough Bridge approach

The building on platform 1 is modern, dating from 2005 when the station became a bus-rail interchange with staffed ticket office and cafe. The side of the building:

Burscough Bridge side

The rear of the station building seen from platform 2 opposite:

Burscough Bridge rear

Platform 1, for trains west towards Southport:

Burscough Bridge platform 1

At the east of the platforms steps lead up to the eponymous bridge:

Burscough Bridge bridge

On the bridge, looking east along the line towards the signalbox and the rail bridge which carries the Ormskirk line over this one:

Burscough Bridge
looking east from bridge

Looking west from the bridge at the station:

Burscough Bridge
looking west from bridge

On the bridge looking towards the station and the steps down to platform 2:

Burscough Bridge
bridge-level entrance

The steps lead down to platform 2 which still has the original station building, although it is no longer in railway use:

Burscough Bridge platform 2 Burscough Bridge platform 2
building rear

Shelters are provided further down platform 2:

Burscough Bridge platform 2

Even further west down platform 2 is this small gate, leading to a footpath to the Martin Mere Wetland Centre:

Burscough Bridge platform 2

Round the front of the platform 2 station building:

Burscough Bridge platform 2
building front

The side of the station building:

Burscough Bridge platform 2
building side

On platform 2 looking east along both platforms:

Burscough Bridge platforms
looking east

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Burscough Bridge looking west