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Burscough Junction

Collected date 06/07/13

Burscough Junction sign

Burscough Junction is one of two stations in Burscough, the other (Burscough Bridge) being less than a mile away on the line between Manchester and Southport. It was also the first station of our last day's exploring in Merseyside. The approach to the station from the west of the line:

Burscough Junction

The entrance to the station from the car park:

Burscough Junction

Next to the station entrance is this "community plot":

Burscough Junction community

The station's name is an anachronism -- it's not had a junction since Beeching -- and in fact it now only has one operational platform. Here's its shelter:

Burscough Junction shelter

At the northern end of the platform looking south. A disused platform sits on the left:

Burscough Junction platform

Looking north from the end of the platform along a disused platform end:

Burscough Junction
disused platform end

Looking south under the road bridge which crosses the line:

Burscough Junction looking

Looking along the platform from the south:

Burscough Junction from the

In the undergrowth of the overgrown disused platform is this planter from the "Friends of Burscough Stations":

Burscough Junction