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Collected date 30/06/13

Birkdale sign

Birkdale is one stop south of Southport serving the suburb of the same name. Birkdale is well known for the Royal Birkdale golf course, but that's best accessed by the station one stop further down the line, Hillside.

The station has two platforms, with a building on each, and a subway and level crossing connecting the two. This is the entrance to the subway on the southbound platform 1 side of the station:

Birkdale platform 1 subway

The side of the station building on platform 1:

Birkdale platform 1 building side

Under the canopy on platform 1, looking south:

Birkdale platform 1 under

Platform 1 seen from over the level crossing:

Birkdale platform 1

The glazed canopy on platform 1:

Birkdale platform 1 seen from
platform 2

Looking at the canopy on platform 1:

Birkdale canopy

A plaque notes that the station has been adopted:

Birkdale station adoption plaque

To the right of the previous photo there's a ramped entrance to platform 1:

Birkdale platform 1 entrance ramp

The rear of the station buildings on the platform 1 side:

Birkdale platform 1 rear

Back on platform 1, looking south along the line:

Birkdale platform 1 looking south

Looking north along the platforms:

Birkdale platforms looking north

Next to the level crossing is this disused signalbox:

Birkdale signalbox

Over the tracks, the entrance to platform 2 and to the subway:

Birkdale platform 2 subway

Entering Birkdale on platform 2:

Birkdale entrance to platform 2

Looking down the steps down into the subway from platform 2:

Birkdale platform 2 subway
looking down

The tops of the pillars supporting the canopy on platform 2:

Birkdale pillar

Platform 2 seen from platform 1 opposite:

Birkdale platform 2 seen from
platform 1 opposite