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Collected date 30/06/13

Hillside sign

Hillside station serves a suburb of Southport and is the nearest station to the Royal Birkdale golf course. Its frontage is on a road bridge over the line, and has some old-fashioned signage:

Hillside front

Hillside old signage

The side of the station building:

Hillside building side

Nipping over the road for a moment, we get a view of the line heading north towards Southport:

Hillside from bridge looking

Inside the building there is a wooden-panelled ticket office, and the secure bicycle storage at the end:

Hillside ticket office

Steps down from the station building to platform 2:

Hillside platform 2 steps

The building on platform 2:

Hillside platform 2 building Hillside platform 2 building
seen from platform 1

A view of platform 2 from platform 1 opposite:

Hillside platform 2

The platforms at Hillside, looking north:

Hillside platforms looking north

At the other end of platform 2, looking north under the station building:

Hillside looking north

In the side of the building opposite can be seen a door labelled Lamp Room:

Hillside lamp room

Back in the station building itself we see a mosaic made by some local schoolchildren:

Hillside mosaic

The steps leading up from platform 1 to the station building:

Hillside platform 1 steps

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 1:

Hillside looking south