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Collected date 17/09/16

Atherton station sign

Atherton station is on the line between Manchester and Southport. Although it used to have four tracks running through the station, this was cut back to two in the 60s and now the station just has two platform edges on an island platform accessed from a footbridge. The entrance to the station lies on a bridge which crosses the line just west of the station:

Atherton building

From the road bridge we can see how the footbridge joins the station building:

Atherton footbridge

...and the side of the buildings on the island platform:

Atherton buildings island platform

While we're still on the road bridge, we'll glance west as the line heads towards Hag Fold:

Atherton looking west from bridge

Inside Atherton station building is a small ticket office:

Atherton ticket office

The ticket office leads into the footbridge:

Atherton inside footbridge

From the footbridge looking east at the platforms:

Atherton looking east from footbridge

There's a modern lift down from the footbridge but also steps:

Atherton steps

At the bottom of the steps is a rather curious waiting area:

Atherton waiting area

The doorway between the steps/waiting area and the platform:

Atherton portal

A general view under the canopy which provided welcome shade when we visited:

Atherton looking west under canopy

Four Sheffield stands are arranged around a station sign for bike parking:

Atherton Sheffield stands

The end of the canopy:

Atherton canopy

Looking east along the platforms:

Atherton platforms looking east

Retreating back to the shelter of the canopy we look east along platform 1:

Atherton platform 1 looking east

Looking west towards the station exit:

Atherton platform 1 looking west

Next to the waiting area on platform 1 is a sign saying "remember me" and this small garden:

Atherton garden

Over on platform 2 looking east:

Atherton looking east on platform 2

Looking west towards the footbridge and the access for the lift:

Atherton platform 2 looking west

From tne end of platform 2 can be seen one of the disused platform edges from when this was a rather larger station:

Atherton disused platform

Looking west under the bridges:

Atherton looking west