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Hag Fold

Collected date 17/09/16

Hag Fold sign

Hag Fold is a new (well, 1987) station on the Atherton line, so it doesn't have the same architectural characteristics as they do. The platforms and shelters have rather more of a temporary feel, being made of wood and perhaps showing their age a bit.

The station building's look is rather more modern, although the look is spoiled rather by the palisade fencing surrounding it:

Hag Fold platform 1 entrance

The station building is on the platform 1 side of the line, with a bypass path to the side for when the station building is not open.

Hag Fold building

If you can navigate the spikes and it's open, there's a ticket window:

Hag Fold ticket window

Looking up the ramp to platform 1:

Hag Fold platform 1 entrance

The ramp leads almost directly into the wooden shelter:

Hag Fold platform 1 shelter

From the housing estate behind you can see the rear of the wooden shelter:

Hag Fold platform 1 rear

To get to platform 2 for trains going in the other direction, it's under the road bridge:

Under the bridge to the platform 2 entrance

The entrance to platform 2, which has a departures board planted in the grass:

Hag Fold platform 2 entrance

Up on platform 2, looking through its shelter to the way out back down the ramp:

Hag Fold platform 2 exit

The shelter is painted black and looked a bit like it had suffered fire attack at some point:

Hag Fold platform 2 shelter

Looking east along the line:

Hag Fold looking east

Looking back from the end of the platforms:

Hag Fold seen from east end

Looking west from the other end of the platform:

Hag Fold looking west