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Collected date 25/05/07

Wool sign

Wool is one stop west of Wareham on the South West Main Line. The station building is a grim modern construction:

Wool front

The platform side of the station building:

Wool rear

Looking westwards along the platforms at the station building with the footbridge in the distance:

Wool platforms

The footbridge, which links the two platforms:

Wool footbridge

Looking eastwards from the footbridge:

Wool looking east from footbridge

Looking westwards from the footbridge at the signalbox and level crossing:

Wool looking west from footbridge

The level crossing where the line crosses the A352 at the western end of the station:

Wool level crossing

Adjacent to the level crossing on the eastbound platform 1 is the signalbox:

Wool signalbox

Platform 1:

Wool platform 1

There are sidings, occupied when we visited by Freightliner wagons, on the northern side of the station:

Wool sidings

This old building at the eastern edge of the car park might once have been the station building:

Wool building

Behind the fencing on the current platform 2 is what might have been the line of an earlier platform:

Wool old platform

Looking east along the line:

Wool looking east