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Collected date 25/05/07

Wareham sign

Wareham is one stop west along the line from Holton Heath, though we arrived from Hamworthy. It was once also a junction station for the line to Swanage, and although regular passenger services there are no more, the line is still in place.

The front of the station building:

Wareham front

The rear of the station building and platform 2:

Wareham rear

The canopy on platform 2, with the car park on the right:

Wareham platform 2 shelter

The edge of platform 2 giving onto the car park:

Wareham disused platform

The two platforms are joined by a footbridge at the eastern end of the station:

Wareham footbridge

Looking east along the line from the footbridge, with the level pedestrial crossing in the foreground and the signalbox on the left:

Wareham from footbridge looking

The crossing and signalbox:

Wareham signalbox and level crossing

Looking west at the station complex:

Wareham from footbridge looking

Next to platform 1, a disused bay platform:

Wareham disused platform

Looking eastwards at the canopy on platform 1:

Wareham platform 1 canopy

Detail of the spandrels on platform 1:

Wareham platform 1 spandrels

Looking westwards along platform 1:

Wareham platform 1 looking west

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Wareham looking west