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Collected date 12/05/08

Weston-super-Mare sign

Weston-super-Mare station is on a loop off the main line between Taunton and Bristol. The shade of the buildings was very welcome on the sunny day of our visit!

The front of the station:

Weston-super-Mare front

A long view of the front of the station buildings:

Weston-super-Mare long view

Looking along the front of the station building towards the north/east end:

under front canopy

At the end of the station building is a flight of steps leading up to the footbridge which crosses the line:

footbridge entrance

On this side of the station is platform 2:

Weston-super-Mare platforms Weston-super-Mare platform 2

The remnants of a broken scale on platform 2:

Weston-super-Mare broken

At the other (north/east) end of platform 2 is a small bay platform:

Weston-super-Mare bay

The view southwards back along platform 2 at the footbridge:

Weston-super-Mare footbridge

In the footbridge which links the two platforms:

Weston-super-Mare in

The entrance to the footbridge on the platform 1 side of the station:

platform 1 footbridge entrance

The frontage of the platform 1 side of the station:

Weston-super-Mare platform 1

The entrance from that side of the station gives onto another flight of steps leading to the footbridge and then to platform 1:

Weston-super-Mare under
canopy Weston-super-Mare platform 1

Platform 1 seen from platform 2:

Weston-super-Mare platform
1 Weston-super-Mare platform

The end of the canopy on platform 1:

Weston-super-Mare canopy

The view eastwards along the line towards Weston Milton:

Weston-super-Mare looking east

The view south/westwards along the line:

Weston-super-Mare looking west

Peeking through one of the doorways on platform 2 we saw this signal panel, which the staff kindly let me photograph:

signal panel