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Collected date 26/05/06

Taunton sign

Although not in Devon or Cornwall, the Freedom of Devon and Cornwall rover ticket covered the Great Western Main Line as far east as Taunton, so it seemed only fair to explore this huge rambling station. The station runs east-west, with this modern approach and entrance on the south side:

Taunton station approach Taunton new entrance

A modern ticket office lies inside:

Taunton ticket office

The station platforms extend over this road bridge:

Taunton road bridge

Walking under the bridge and turning left takes us to the older station entrance:

Taunton front Taunton front, under
canopy Taunton entrance

The older entrance gives onto platform 5, here seen first looking west and then east:

Taunton platform 5, looking east Taunton platform 5, looking west

The bay platform 6:

Taunton platform 6

At the other end is a now-disused bay platform:

Taunton disused bay

The modern refreshments concession on platform 5 still has an older sign:

Taunton refreshments

A tunnel connects the platforms:

Taunton tunnel

These unusual mitre-shaped lampshades can be seen halfway along the tunnel by the stairs to platforms 3 and 4:

Taunton mitres

The island platforms 3 and 4, seen from platform 2:

Taunton platforms 3 and 4

The ends of platforms 3-6:

Taunton platforms 3-6

The roof of the station building next to platforms 1 and 2:

Taunton roof

Platform 2, looking west:

Taunton platform 2

At the eastern end of platform 2 is a waiting room for the bus-rail link to Minehead:

Taunton bus link

The station building on platform 2 has deep arches over the doorways:

Taunton platform 2 arches

Looking east along platform 2 from the west end, next to platform 1:

Taunton platform 2 looking east

A working set of luggage scales on the platform:

Taunton scales

Looking east at platforms 1 and 2:

Taunton platforms 1 and 2

The side of the station building behind platform 1:

Taunton side

Looking back along platform 1 from the station building"/>

Taunton platform 1

Looking east from the end of Taunton station:

Taunton looking east

Looking west from the end of Taunton station:

Taunton looking west