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Collected date 14/05/08

Swindon station sign

Although Swindon has had a station on its current site since 1842 (called Swindon Junction until 1961) most of the current office block arrangement dates only from 1972, although the building on the island platform is older. It is still a junction with the line via Kemble and Stroud to Gloucester.

The front of the station building:

Swindon front

The entrance leads under the office block to a concourse underneath the lines, with steps and lifts to all platforms. The platform nearest the office block is platform 4:

Swindon platform 4

Platforms 1-3 are on an island. This is the exit from platform 3 to the concourse below:

Swindon platform 3 exit

Looking west along platform 3:

Swindon platform 3

Platform 2 is a bay:

Swindon platform 2

Platform 1, looking west:

Swindon platform 1

Towards the eastern end of platform 1 a footbridge spans the tracks leading to Polaris House, home to a number of UK Higher Education research councils:

Swindon platform 1 footbridge