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Stapleton Road

Collected date 13/05/08

Stapleton Road sign

Stapleton Road station is a small station in north Bristol, just south of the point where the Severn Beach Line branches off from the line north to Filton Abbey Wood. It formed the end of a day's journeying and we visited as the shadows were lengthening.

Platform 1 is decorated with this mural:

Stapleton Road platform 1

A plaque on platform 1 indicates the station's part in the Easton Time Signs Trail, a set of sites of historical, social, or industrial importance around this part of Bristol:

Stapleton Road plaque

The shelter on platform 1, looking north:

Stapleton Road platform 1

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 1:

Stapleton Road looking north

Access south beyond this point on platform 1 is prohibited even though the platform continues for some way:

Stapleton Road looking south

A footbridge links platform 1 to the island platform 2:

Stapleton Road footbridge

The view north along the line from the footbridge:

Stapleton Road looking north
from footbridge

The view south from the footbridge:

Stapleton Road looking south
from footbridge

On platform 2, looking south towards the footbridge:

Stapleton Road platform 2

The footbridge is cut short. It once spanned a second set of tracks, and the trackbed is still visible today, though it now hosts a local convention of metal benches...

Stapleton Road disused

At the northern end of the disused trackbed is this disused bridge:

Stapleton Road disused