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Shippea Hill

Collected date 04/07/15

Shippea Hill sign

Feeling hot and bothered on a lazy Saturday? What else is there to do but cycle to a station in the middle of nowhere and catch its one train a week back home? Quite a lot, actually, but I arrived at Shippea Hill anyway, and hung around for an hour while I waited for the train...

The line crosses the A1101 Mildenhall Road at a level crossing, and when I arrived from the north the barriers were down:

Shippea Hill level crossing looking

The building to the right of the level crossing is the signalbox which once controlled the barriers but is now disused. Here's the rear of the signalbox and the entrance to the eastbound platform 1:

Shippea Hill signalbox rear

On platform 1 looking east at the signalbox and level crossing:

Shippea Hill signalbox and level

The front of the signalbox:

Shippea Hill signalbox

Platform 1 has one service a day, so has a shelter and working help point:

Shippea Hill platform 1 shelter

At the western end of platform 1 looking east along the platforms:

Shippea Hill platforms looking

Looking west from the end of platform 1:

Shippea Hill looking west

Walking back to the level crossing we look east along the line towards Lakenheath:

Shippea Hill looking east

On the other side of the level crossing looking north:

Shippea Hill level crossing looking

The entrance to platform 2, requiring you to weave around various signalling equipment:

Shippea Hill platform 2

...and climb quite a steep ramp up to the platform:

Shippea Hill platform 2 ramp

Looking west from the bottom of the ramp:

Shippea Hill platforms looking

On platform 2, looking east:

Shippea Hill platform 2 looking

Platform 1 has a train a day. Platform 2 has a train a week, so the shelter has been demolished and you get a bench instead. The help point was broken too:

Shippea Hill platform 2 old

Looking west from the end of platform 2:

Shippea Hill platform 2 looking