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Collected date 20/01/13

Lakenheath station sign

After the previous bike excursion from Cambridge to Kennett a few weeks earlier, I decided Lakenheath wasn't much further. Unfortunately I underestimated the distance rather massively so what I thought might be about 25km ended up being about 30 miles. Still, I made it in time for one of the rare trains that stop there, and before the afternoon's snow really got going.

The station is a mile or so north of Lakenheath itself, although I'd quite understand if you didn't trust my guessing of distances! Ny first sight of it was the level crossing, here looking north:

Lakenheath level crossing, looking

The signalbox and level crossing from the other side:

Lakenheath signalbox Lakenheath signalbox and level

The rear of the station building, just north of the line:

Lakenheath rear

The front (platform 1 facing) side of the station building:

Lakenheath front

The buildings on platform 1. The ivy-covered structure in the middle was probably once a toilet:

Lakenheath buildings

The postbox still has collections:

Lakenheath postbox

On platform 2, looking west along both snow-covered platforms:

Lakenheath platforms looking

Further along platform 2, looking west:

Lakenheath platform 2 looking west

Looking east along the platforms from platform 2:

Lakenheath platforms looking

The shelter on platform 2:

Lakenheath platform 2 shelter

Platform 2, seen from platform 1 opposite:

Lakenheath platform 2

Looking east along the line:

Lakenheath looking east

The only reason most normal people would come to Lakenheath station would be if they lived here or wanted to see birds, and the station signs have the RSPB logo on them to remind you of this:

Lakenheath RSPB logos