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Collected date 07/06/08

Shepreth sign

I cycled to Shepreth station from nearby Meldreth, although I barely fit my bike on the train when the time came, as it was packed with folk bound for Cambridge for Strawberry Fair. The approach to the station just off Station Road:

Shepreth approach

Two buildings alongside the station building have canopies in a railway style:

Shepreth building Shepreth sidings building

The rear of the station building, facing the station car park:

Shepreth rear

In the archway entrance to the station:

Shepreth in archway

The other side of the archway, on platform 1:

Shepreth arch

The front, platform-facing, side of the station building:

Shepreth front

A long view of platform 1:

Shepreth platform 1

Looking east next too the station building on platform 1:

Shepreth platform 1 looking east

On platform 1, looking west:

Shepreth platforms looking west

Looking east along the line from this point:

Shepreth looking east

Halfway along platform 1, looking at the eastern side of the buildings:

Shepreth east side

Returning to the road we approach the level crossing at the western end of the station:

Shepreth level crossing

The western side of the station building:

Shepreth west side

Next to the crossing looking back at the buildings on platform 1:

Shepreth crossing

The entrance to platform 2:

Shepreth platform 2 entrance

The shelter on platform 2 is brick built:

Shepreth platform 2 shelter

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Shepreth looking west