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Collected date 07/06/08

Meldreth sign

Meldreth station on a grey June afternoon: the starting point for a short cycle ride to nearby Shepreth. The approach to the station from the road:

Meldreth approach road

This building stands to the right of the approach road:

Meldreth old barn

Another old building ahead as we approach the station:

Meldreth old building

The side of the station building, which is now an Indian takeaway:

Meldreth side

The entrance to the station platforms from the car park:

Meldreth entrance

A small canopy remains covering the ticket machine and permit to travel machine:

Meldreth canopy

The whole of the station building seen from the opposite platform:

Meldreth rear

The gentlemen's toilet is on the north side of the station building:

Meldreth gents

A small area next to the toilets has been turned into a small garden:

Meldreth garden

Round the back of the station, and with a path back to the front:

Meldreth back

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 2:

Meldreth looking south

A footbridge spans the tracks to the north of the station building, also carrying a public footpath:

Meldreth footbridge

Looking north along the line from Meldreth footbridge:

Meldreth from footbridge looking

Looking south from the footbridge:

Meldreth from footbridge looking

Platform 1, seen from platform 2 opposite:

Meldreth platform 1