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Rye House

Collected date 11/12/11

Rye House sign

A short distance away from Broxbourne is the first station on the Hertford East branch, Rye House. Looking south at the station from the road bridge to its north:

Rye House from bridge looking

The Hertford-bound platform, platform 2, has a perfunctory shelter:

Rye House platform 2

Looking along at both platforms, number two on the right:

Rye House platforms

As well as a shelter, Platform 1 has a small building containing toilets and a ticket office:

Rye House platform 1 buildings

Looking north along platform 1. The object on the right is clearly supposed to be an enclosed shelter, but has lost most of its enclosing walls:

Rye House platform 1

Looking south back along the line from platform 1:

Rye House looking south