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Collected date 11/12/11

Broxbourne station sign

Broxbourne station is in Hertfordshire and a short journey from central London, making this definitely commuter territory. It's also the point where a branch leaves the main line and heads towards Hertford East. A road bridge crosses the lines to the south of the station, so here we see the station site from the south, with sidings on the right and the embankment containing the New River on the left:


The front of Broxbourne station building from the car park:

Broxbourne front

The entrance to the station:

Broxbourne entrance

Running north-south just west of the railway is the New River which was opened in the 17th Century to bring drinking water to London. From the embankment on which this artificial waterway flows, we look along the length of Broxbourne's footbridge:

Broxbourne bridge

Again from the embankment, looking at the rear of the bridge with the steps down to platform level:

Broxbourne rear

The current Broxbourne station was opened in 1960 by the same man who opened the hideous Harlow Town, as is commemorated by this plaque:

Broxbourne plaque

Looking down at the ticket hall and barriers from bridge level:

Broxbourne barriers

In the bridge itself are a couple of shops selling refreshments, lifts to all the platforms, and this waiting area:

Broxbourne waiting area

Coming down the steps we arrive on platforms 3 and 4, looking north:

Broxbourne platforms 3 and 4

Looking south along the line from near the end of platform 3:

Broxbourne platform 3 looking south

Planters on platform 3, with roses in bloom:

Broxbourne platform 3 looking north

Beyond the bridge, looking north along the rest of the platform:

Broxbourne platform 3

Looking north along the remainder of platform 3:

Broxbourne looking north

Looking back at the station from the northern end of platforms 3 and 4:

Broxbourne from north

Platform 4, looking south:

Broxbourne platform 4

Looking south under the bridge at platforms 2 and 3:

Broxbourne platforms 2 and 3 looking

Broxbourne platform 2:

Broxbourne platform 2

The steps leading up to the footbridge from platform 2:

Broxbourne platform 2 steps