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Collected date 23/05/07

Romsey station sign

Romsey station is just west of the junction between two alternative routes to Southampton, one via Chandler's Ford and Southampton Airport Parkway and the other via Redbridge. In the other direction the line heads northwest to Mottisfont and Dunbridge.

The approach road to the station:

Romsey approach road

The front of the station building;

Romsey front

The railway, and hence the station front, is slightly elevated, so the station front is on the first floor of the station building seen here. An underpass on the left allows pedestrian and cycle access across the railway:

Romsey front, side

The rear of the station building, seen from the opposite platform:

Romsey rear Romsey rear from platform 1

The station building backs onto platform 2, seen here looking westwards:

Romsey platform 2

Under the canopy on platform 2:

Romsey platform 2 under

After the station building is a bicycle rack:

Romsey platform 2 looking north

And then an old water tower serves as the Gents:

Romsey water tower

Looking back along platform 2 at the buildings:

Romsey buildings

The entrance to the subway connects the two platforms:

Romsey platform 2 subway

This view of the two platforms shows (middle right) where the subway emerges on platform 1:

Romsey platforms

The building on platform 1:

Romsey platform 1

A long view along platform 1:

Romsey platform 1 long view

Side view:

Romsey platform 1 side

Detail of the spandrels under the canopy on platform 1:

Romsey platform 1 spandrels

This plaque on platform 1 identifies 2007 as Romsey station's 160th anniversary:

Romsey platform 1 plaque

Looking northwards along the line, towards Mottisfont and Dunbridge:

Romsey looking north

Looking southwards along the line:

Romsey looking south