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Collected date 21/05/07

Redbridge sign

On a wet day it was only a short walk from nearby Totton to Redbridge, though it took a little time to find it amidst the housing estate. The approach road to the station:

Redbridge approach

The station buildings at Redbridge:

Redbridge buildings

The rear of the station building seen from the footbridge:

Redbridge rear

Looking east along platform 1. The only shelter is the small roof-on-a-stick in the middle distance, and unlike nearly all South West Trains stations we encountered on our travels, Redbridge lacks an information display. It has the bracket for one, mind...

Redbridge platform 1 looking east

A modern concrete footbridge joins the two platforms and provides access to the station from the south side:

Redbridge platforms and

Looking west from the footbridge. In the distance is the junction for the branch north to Romsey:

Redbridge from footbridge looking

There are some goods sidings to the south of the station:

Redbridge goods

Looking west at platform level:

Redbridge looking west

Looking east along the line:

Redbridge looking east