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Collected date 22/05/05

This old iron station sign is still on the platform at Perranwell, a small halt on the line from Truro to Falmouth Docks:

Perranwell station sign

The station is a little way from Perranwell itself, but a small settlement called Perranwell Station has grown up around the station. This is a view of the station platform and information sign from the road:

Perranwell sign

The small modern shelter on the platform is a design common to many small halts around the region:

Perranwell shelter

The edge of the platform, looking westwards:

Perranwell platform edge

An old water pump sits in an alcove on the platform:

Perranwell pump

To the east of the station, the line passes over the Carnon viaduct:

Carnon viaduct Carnon river