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Oldfield Park

Collected date 13/05/08

Oldfield Park sign

Oldfield Park station serves a suburb of Bath and is on the line westwards from Bath Spa to Bristol Temple Meads. The station is accessed by a simple ramped path from the road bridge which links the two platforms:

Oldfield Park entrance

This ramp leads to the eastbound platform 2:

Oldfield Park platform 2

The station name is picked out in rocks on the embankment of platform 2:

Oldfield Park rockery

Another rockery on platform 1, opposite, depicts a steam locomotive:

Oldfield Park rockery

Looking westwards along platform 2, with platform 1 on the left:

Oldfield Park platforms 1 and 2

A long view of platform 1 from the ramp to platform 2:

Oldfield Park platform 1

A road bridge provides the link between the two platforms:

Oldfield Park bridge

The view eastwards from the bridge:

Oldfield Park looking
eastwards from bridge

Looking westwards aalong the line:

Oldfield Park looking
westwards from bridge