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North Walsham

Collected date 30/08/10

North Walsham sign

North Walsham is a small town in north Norfolk, a few miles south of Cromer. The station sign is on the western side of the line for down trains towards Cromer and Sheringham. The ramp up to platform 2 from the road:

North Walsham platform 2 ramp

The ramp leads up on to platform 2 at its north end. Here we look north along the line:

North Walsham looking north

Looking south at both platforms from this point:

North Walsham platforms looking

The brickwork shelter area on platform 2, mirroring an identical arrangement on the opposite platform:

North Walsham platform 2

Looking north along platform 2 with platform 1 on the right:

North Walsham platforms looking

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 2. A disused length of platform is visible on the left and the line reverts to single-track in the distance:

North Walsham looking south

Back down to the road, looking at the east side of the bridge which carries the line over the road:

North Walsham bridge east

Looking up the approach road to platform 1:

North Walsham approach

To the east of the previous shot a ramp leads southwards to the side of an old building:

North Walsham old
building approach

The side of the old building, whose other side is served by rail freight:

North Walsham old building

The side of platform 1, for trains towards Norwich:

North Walsham platform 1 side

The entrance to platform 1 is by the ticket booth on the left of this photo, which also shows a disused bay:

North Walsham disused bay

The shelter area on platform 1:

North Walsham platform 1

A long view of platform 1 from platform 2 opposite:

North Walsham platform 1