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Moreton (Dorset)

Collected date 25/05/07

Moreton(Dorset) sign

Moreton station is one stop westwards of Wool on the South West Main Line, and serves the villages of Crossways and Moreton. Although pleasantly situated in woodland, there's not much of great interest here.

The entrance to the westbound platform 2:

Moreton platform 2

Looking at platform 2 with the entrance on the left next to the level crossing:

Moreton platform 2

Looking westwards along platform 1:

Moreton looking west along
platform 1

The shelter and entrance to platform 1 on the northern side of the station:

Moreton platform 1 shelter

Looking east along platform 1 with the level crossing in the distance:

Moreton platform 1 looking east

Looking east along the line at the level crossing:

Moreton looking east

Looking west along the line:

Moreton looking west