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Lymington Town

Collected date 23/05/07

Lymington Town sign

A short walk back from the end of the line at Lymington Pier is Lymington Town station. Like Lymington Pier and part of Brockenhurst station, it has been decorated in Southern Region green, down to this green Permit To Travel machine:

Lymington Town Green Permit
To Travel

The front of the station building, seen from the car park:

Lymington Town front

The side of the station building, showing the ramp that leads up to the platform:

Lymington Town side

The platform side of the station building:

Lymington Town rear Lymington Town platform

A slightly odd shelter on the platform:

Lymington Town shelter

Not sure what the modern railway's obsession with security would make of these unattended cases:

Lymington Town unattended

Looking north along the line towards Brockenhurst:

Lymington Town looking north

Looking south along the line towards Lymington Pier:

Lymington Town looking south