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Collected date 17/07/04

Lowestoft is one of the Eastern termini of the Wherry Lines linking Norwich to the East coast. I visited on a very wet day, having taken the bus from Great Yarmouth; the bus had to take a rather circuitous route because of flooding. Rather worryingly, it also started belching smoke towards the end of the journey. There used to be a rail line linking these two towns. I wonder how it would compare to today's bus service.

Old sign - British Railways Lowestoft
Central New sign - Lowestoft double arrow

Lowestoft station still bears its large British Railways Lowestoft Central sign on its end wall, with the familiar double arrow logo on a pole by the main entrance.

Lowestoft entrance

There's still a manned booking office and waiting room in part of the station building, although some of the rest of the building is used by a music shop.

Lowestoft building

Inside, what was once a covered area is now an open courtyard with a few seats and shelters:

Lowestoft yard Corner of Lowestoft yard

Looking West along the platform to the semaphore signals in the distance, the station looks rather bleak:

Looking West from Lowestoft

Still, the existence of platforms and trains at all is something to be thankful for. Lowestoft appears not to have a Platform 1.

Lowestoft platform 2 Lowestoft platforms 2 and 3