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Collected date 21/02/15

Dovercourt sign

Dovercourt station is only a short distance away from Harwich Town so it was eminently possible to walk between the two. Dovercourt was originally separate from Harwich but now it's just a suburb.

The front of the station building, now in private hands but no less grand for all that:

Dovercourt front

The entrance to the station is just to the side of the building. Looking back out of the exit:

Dovercourt exit

A canopy covers much of the platform. The western end of the canopy:

Dovercourt canopy

Walking to the western end of the platform and looking west along the line:

Dovercourt looking west

Looking back at the station from the western end of the platform:

Dovercourt from west

Under the canopy, looking west, we can see many bricked-up windows and doors:

Dovercourt under canopy looking west

Looking east under the canopy:

Dovercourt under canopy looking east

At the eastern end of the platform, looking back west at the station:

Dovercourt from eastern end

Looking east along the line:

Dovercourt looking east