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Collected date 24/05/06

Crediton sign

A hilly cycle ride out of Exeter took us to Crediton, on the branch line to Barnstaple. The station building is now open as a tea room and railway museum and was very welcome to tired cyclists! The front of the station building:

Crediton front

The platform side of the station building. Note the Wessex Trains station sign; First had done such a good job of rebranding stations since taking over the franchise in April 2006 that this was the only Wessex sign we saw.

Crediton rear

Next to the station building is a wooden shelter:

Crediton platform 1 shelter

North of the station building is an old-style sign and garden:

Crediton old sign

At the northern end of platform 1, the footbridge joins the two platforms:

Crediton footbridge

The end of the footbridge, with the shield indicating that it was built by the London and South Western Railway:

Crediton footbridge end

The level crossing and signalbox, with a train expected soon:

Crediton level crossing

Crediton signalbox. North of Crediton station is the junction where the line out to Meldon Quarry branches from the line to Barnstaple, and Crediton signalbox handles tokens for both:

Crediton signalbox

Looking north from the footbridge along the line, as the signaller waits to collect a token from a quarry train:

Crediton, looking north

Looking south from the footbridge at the station:


The wooden shelter building on platform 2:

Crediton platform 2 shelter

Looking south from the end of platform 2:

Crediton platform 2 looking south

Looking back from the end of platform 2 at a bay siding:

Crediton siding