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Collected date 24/05/06

Barnstaple sign

The end of the line, and certainly of the day's cycling as we arrived under torrential rain. The front of the station building:

Barnstaple front

The station building seen from the side:

Barnstaple side

Looking south at the rear of Barnstaple station and the canopy:

Barnstaple rear

Under the canopy, looking south:

Barnstaple under canopy

The station building has a modern waiting room and travel centre:

Barnstaple ticket office

The plaques in the waiting room:

Barnstaple plaques

Looking north at Barnstaple. The bridge in the background was shortly to be demolished:

Barnstaple, looking north

Looking south back along the line:

Barnstaple, looking south

Opposite is a very obvious disused platform:

Barnstaple disused platform