Britain >South >Newport Severn Tunnel Junction


Collected date 14/05/08

Newport sign

Newport is linked via the Severn Tunnel to the stations on the other side of the Bristol Channel. We visited on a late May afternoon.

The front of the station building, on the southern side of the line:

Newport station front

The side of one of the platforms abuts the carpark south of the main station building:

Newport platform side

I think this object at the north end of this car park is a sculpture:

Newport sculpture

The station front backs onto platform 1, seen here from platform 2 opposite, along with the footbridge which links the two:

Newport footbridge

Under the footbridge on platform 1:

Newport platform 1 under

Looking west along platform 1:

Newport platform 1 looking west

The canopy on platform 1:

Newport platform 1 canopy

Looking east on platform 1:

Newport platform 1 looking east

Looking along platform 1 from the east end of the platform, with platform 2 on the right:

Newport platforms 1 and 2 from

The footbridge which links the island platform to the edge platforms is accessed via these steps from platform 1:

Newport footbridge entrance

The tower at the platform 1 end of the footbridge:

Newport footbridge end

The canopy on platform 2, seen from platform 1:

Newport platform 2 canopy

Between platforms 2 and 3 is this gloomy, and presumably disused, subway entrance:

Newport subway

Under the canopy on platform 3, looking north:

Newport platform 3 under

Looking east on platform 3:

Newport platform 3 looking east

Opposite platform 3 is platform 4:

Newport platform 4