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Harlow Town

Collected date 04/09/04

Harlow Town sign

Harlow Town. The ugliest station yet, so far. Even the bright blue sky and the greenery can't improve the hideous exterior of this station on the line from Cambridge to London Liverpool St.

Actually, from the front, where you can't see so much of the building, it doesn't look so bad:

Harlow Town entrance

The proportions of the station name carved on this sign by the door are somehow not quite right:

Harlow Town carved sign

The interior of the station building is reminiscent of a slightly crumbling municipal swimming pool with the blue mosaic tiled walls. This is the station bridge. Apart from hosting the toilets it also has a children's activity room.

Harlow Town in bridge

Looking at the island platform and its entrance to the bridge:

Harlow Town Platform 3

Put a few planters on a platform and block the station building from your sight and it doesn't look quite so bad:

Harlow Town planters

Still, H. C. Johnson Esq, OBE, General Manager Eastern Region, how much of a grimace did you have to conceal when unveiling this?

Harlow Town plaque