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Collected date 21/05/07

Branksome station sign

Branksome is a small station one stop west of Bournemouth. On a grey day, this was the point at which it really started to rain! The front of the station building:

Branksome station front

The platforms at Branksome station, looking west:

Branksome station platforms

Looking east from platform 1 at the footbridge:

Branksome footbridge

The station building at Branksome has had modern alterations:

Branksome building side

A detail of the roof, columns, and spandrels on platform 1:

Branksome spandrels

The canopy on platform 2:

Branksome platform 2

The view east from Branksome. The line to Bournemouth goes to the left, with a line off to the right to Bournemouth Traincare Depot:

Branksome looking east

Looking west:

Branksome looking west