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Collected date 21/05/07

Bournemouth sign

Bournemouth station's impressive frontage and entrance:

Bournemouth approach Bournemouth frontage

The entrance to the ticket hall:

Bournemouth entrance

Detail of the doorway:

Bournemouth entrance doorway

Through a doorway on the other side of the ticket hall, we reach platform 2:

Bournemouth platform 2 doorway

Looking east along platform 2:

Bournemouth platform 2

On the wall of platform 2, next to the entrance door, is this clock:

Bournemouth clock

The platforms extend some way beyond the overall roof. Looking east along platform 2 from its western end:

Bournemouth platform 2 looking

There is a bay platform, platform 1, on the north side of the station:

Bournemouth platform 1 Bournemouth platform 1
under canopy

Both a footbridge and a subway join the two sides of the station. Here, the view eastwards from the footbridge:

Bournemouth from footbridge,
looking east

Looking west from the footbridge:

Bournemouth from footbridge,
looking west

From the footbridge, details of the roof can be more easily seen:

Bournemouth roof detail

Platform 3, seen from the footbridge:

Bournemouth platform 3 from

The subway is at the eastern end of the station. Looking up from the subway to platform 3:

Bournemouth platform 3 from

With the exit from the subway to our right, we look east along platform 3:

Bournemouth platform 3 looking

The eastern end of platform 3, seen from platform 2 opposite:

Bournemouth platform 3

Platform 3 extends a long way west of the main station to become platform 4, above which the signalbox perches:

Bournemouth platform 4

Behind platform 3 is the rear of the station:

Bournemouth rear

Looking east from the end of platform 2:

Bournemouth looking east

Arguably the best views of the station are those of the trainshed roof, such as this one taken from a road bridge just to the east of the station:

Bournemouth from road