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Bodmin Parkway

Collected date 24/05/05

Bodmin Parkway sign

Bodmin Parkway nestles in the woods between Liskeard and Lostwithiel. Apart from the footbridge and signal box the station's buildings are modern, as can be seen in this picture looking eastwards:

Bodmin Parkway station view

At the western end of the station. The Bodmin and Wenford Railway's line stops just to the left as the main line curves out of sight:

Bodmin Parkway looking west

Looking east at the station buildings, with the preserved line to the right:

Bodmin Parkway looking east

The old signal box is now a café operated by the Bodmin and Wenford railway:

Bodmin Parkway signal box

Bodmin Parkway was originally Bodmin Road, and both names indicate that the station is quite some way from Bodmin itself. Although passenger services to Bodmin General station stopped in 1967, china clay traffic kept the line to Bodmin open until 1983 and shortly after that the Bodmin and Wenford Railway was born. It now departs from platform 3 of Bodmin Parkway:

Bodmin Parkway directions

An old Western Region brown totem on the side of the footbridge:

Bodmin Parkway totem

Some old stock sits in the sidings on the preserved railway side of the station:

Bodmin Parkway sidings

Sadly, time didn't allow a trip on the Bodmin and Wenford, but it's good to think that a steam service could well be a Really Useful Railway by providing this link to Bodmin.