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Collected date 25/08/09

Beccles station sign

Beccles is a station on the East Suffolk Line which was once a junction with lines to Great Yarmouth and Tivetshall on the Great Eastern Main Line. After closures in the 1950s and the reduction of the East Suffolk Line to single track in the 1980s, it is now a one-platform halt.

The front of the station building, with building work going on to the right:

Beccles front

Looking round slightly we see a footbridge which spans the tracks:

Beccles front, footbridge

The rear of the station building, seen from the footbridge. Old photographs show the ramp in the foreground leading to a foot crossing to allow access to the now disused and overgrown island platform:

Beccles rear

Looking south towards the station along the working platform:

Beccles platform

Looking north along the platform:

Beccles platform, looking north

A side view of the station building from the footbridge:, showing the modern station facilities:

Beccles side view

An amusing small hatch in the side of the station building:

Beccles side hatch

The up platform, for trains to Ipswich, was abandoned in the 1980s, and the buildings on it demolished. However, it is still there and visible from the footbridge, here looking south:

Beccles disused platform looking

The posts for the old station sign are still visible in this view northwards from the operational platform:

Beccles disused platform old

The other end of the footbridge over the tracks:

Beccles footbridge end

The ramped approach to the footbridge (the steps in the previous photo lead into the trees to the left):

Beccles bridge approach