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Collected date 20/08/12

Arisaig station is the most westerly station in Great Britain, and was the start of a dramatic cycle ride along the coast to Morar. The entrance to the station platforms from the car park:

Arisaig entrance

The entrance leads onto the westbound platform 1, by the side of the station building:

Arisaig building

A plaque on the building marking its refurbishment:

Arisaig plaque

At the eastern end of platform 1 is a (now disused) signalbox:

Arisaig signalbox

Access to platform 2 is via this barrow crossing:

Arisaig level crossing

A ground frame and siding lie to the east of the station:

Arisaig looking east

On platform 2 looking east at the two platforms:

Arisaig platforms looking east

The shelter on platform 2:

Arisaig platform 2 shelter

A second barrow crossing can be found at the western end of the station:

Arisaig looking west