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Railway Technical Info - Germany

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heavy rail: main systemstandardRH15kV 16.7Hz AC overheadincludes all high-speed lines, and all S-Bahn networks except Berlin and Hamburg


Harz narrow gaugemetren/anonethrough working with Nordhausen trams
Mannheim / Ludwigshafen / Heidelberg interurbanmetreRH, stubs750V DC overhead 

Land Baden-Württemberg

Freiburg: tramsmetreRH, mixed???V DC overhead 
Karlsruhe: tramsstandardRH, circles750V DC overheadthrough operation of tram-trains onto DB and Albtalbahn
Karlsruhe: AlbtalbahnstandardRH750V DC overheadthrough operation of tram-trains onto Karlsruhe city system
Stuttgart: tramsstandardRH, stubs750V DC overhead 
Stuttgart: route 10metre, Riggenbach rackn/a, stubs750V DC overhead 
Ulm: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 

Land Bayern

München: U-bahnstandardRH???V DC third-rail 
München: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Augsburg: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Nürnberg: U-bahnstandardRH???V DC overhead 
Nürnberg: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Würzburg: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 

Länder Brandenburg and Berlin

Berlin: S-Bahn (suburban heavy rail)standardRH800V DC third railsuburban system separate from main network
Berlin: U-BahnstandardRH750V DC third rail 
Berlin: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Brandenburg an der Havel: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Cottbus: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Frankfurt an der Oder: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Potsdam: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Schöneiche-Rüdersdorf: tramsmetreRH, circles600V DC overhead 
Strausberg: tramsstandardn/a, stubs800V DC overhead 
Woltersdorf: tramsstandardn/a, stubs600V DC overhead 

Land Hamburg

Hamburg: S-Bahn (suburban heavy rail)standardRH1200V DC third rail bottom contactsuburban system separate from main network
Hamburg: U-BahnstandardRH???V DC third rail 

Land Hessen

Darmstadt: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Frankfurt am Main: U-BahnstandardRH???V DC third rail 
Frankfurt am Main: tramsstandardRH, stubs???V DC overhead 
Kassel: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overheadthrough operation of tram-trains onto DB

Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Rostock: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Schwerin: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 

Länder Niedersachsen and Bremen

Braunschweig: trams1100mmRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Bremen: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Hannover: tramsstandardRH, mixed???V DC overhead 

Land Nordrhein-Westfalen: Ruhrgebiet

Krefeld: tramsmetreRH, stubs???V DC overheaddual-gauge section with Düsseldorf route U76
Düsseldorf: StadtbahnstandardRH, stubs???V DC overheadroute U76 runs to Krefeld; route U79 runs to Duisburg
Düsseldorf: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Duisburg: StadtbahnstandardRH, stubs???V DC overhead 
Duisburg: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overheadroute 901 runs to Mülheim
Mülheim / Oberhausen: tramsmetreRH, mixed???V DC overheaddual-gauge section with Duisburg route 901; see note
Essen: StadtbahnstandardRH, stubs???V DC overheadroute U18 runs to Mülheim; route U17 runs to Gelsenkirchen
Essen: tramsmetreRH, stubs???V DC overheadroute 104 runs to Mülheim, route 102 runs to Gelsenkirchen
Gelsenkirchen / Bochum: tramsmetreRH, stubs???V DC overheaddual-gauge section with Essen Stadtbahn route U17
Bochum / Herne: StadtbahnstandardRH, stubs???V DC overheadroute U35 only
Dortmund: Stadtbahn / tramsstandardRH, stubs???V DC overhead 

Note: in Mülheim, the two standard-gauge inter-system routes (Duisburg 901 and Essen U18) both terminate at Hauptbahnhof tram station, but do not connect there.

Land Nordrhein-Westfalen: other areas

Bielefeld: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Köln / Bonn: StadtbahnstandardRH, stubs800V DC overheadinterurban routes run on HGK lines

Land Rheinland-Pfalz

Mainz: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 

Land Saarland

Saarbrücken: tramsstandardRH, stubs750V DC overheadthrough operation of tram-trains onto DB network

Land Sachsen

Chemnitz: tramsstandardRH, circles600V DC overheadthrough operation of tram-trains onto DB network
Chemnitz: "City Bahn"standardn/a750V DC overheadthrough operation of tram-trains onto Chemnitz tram network
Dresden: trams1450 mmRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Görlitz: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Kirnitzschtalbahnmetren/a, stubs600V DC overhead 
Leipzig: trams1458 mmRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Plauen: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Zwickau: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overheaddual-gauge section for through trains off DB network

Land Sachsen-Anhalt

Rübelandbahn (heavy rail)standardn/a25kV 50Hz AC overhead 
Dessau: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Halberstadt: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Halle an der Saale: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overheadincludes interurban line to Merseburg and Bad Dürrenberg
Magdeburg: tramsstandardRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Naumburg: tramsmetreRH, stubs???V DC overhead 

Land Schleswig-Holstein

Land Thüringen

Lichtenhain - Cursdorf line (heavy rail)standardn/a500V DC overhead 
Erfurt: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Gera: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overhead 
Gotha: tramsmetreRH, circles600V DC overheadincludes interurban lines to Waltershausen and Tabarz
Jena: tramsmetreRH, mixed???V DC overhead 
Nordhausen: tramsmetreRH, circles???V DC overheadthrough operation onto Harz metre-gauge


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