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Railway Technical Info - Canada

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General Info

Most "heavy rail" passenger operators in Canada, both national and local, are publicly-owned organisations, whose trains in most cases run on the tracks of private companies (mostly CN and CP). These private companies do not themselves usually provide passenger services. Some relatively short sections of line are owned by certain passenger operators, often where they would otherwise have been abandoned by the previous owner. Line ownership can be identified from the Railway Association of Canada's Route Maps.


heavy rail defaultsstandardbi-dinone 

These defaults apply to heavy rail networks throughout Canada. Heavy rail systems are only listed below where there are known variations from these defaults, e.g. electrification.


White Pass & Yukon3' (914mm)?noneinternational; mainly tourist operation

Montréal, QC

suburban heavy rail: Deux Montagnes linestandardRH25kV 60Hz AC overheadformerly 3000V DC overhead
metroParis 'MP' typeRH750V DC third rail 

Toronto, ON

"Subway"4' 10 7/8" (1495mm)RH600V DC third rail 
trams4' 10 7/8" (1495mm)RH, circles600V DC overhead 
"Scarborough Rapid Transit"standardRH600?V DC third rail (linear induction) 

Vancouver, BC

SkyTrain: Expo and Millenium LinesstandardRH???V DC third rail (linear induction) 
SkyTrain: Canada LinestandardRH750V DC third rail 

Other local systems

Calgary, AB: tramsstandardRH600V DC overhead 
Edmonton, AB: tramsstandardRH?600V DC overhead 


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